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More than insurance

In addition to strong protection in the event of an insurance claim, Lassie is also there for you in everyday life. The free Lassie app, which was developed together with veterinarians and experts, helps you to prevent illnesses and injuries in your pet. Create a profile of your furry friend in the app and receive individual recommendations for the care of your furry friend.

Learn more about your pet and save money

Lassie is the first insurance that allows you to save money by providing your pet with all the requirements for a healthy life. Complete preventive care courses in the Lassie app, then answer quiz questions and collect points in the Lassie app. You can then convert these points into a discount and reduce your insurance premium. The more you learn about your pet, the less you pay.

Surgery and health insurance rates



Pure operation protection
Operation costs: ‚úĒ Treatment costs: Not insured


Basic comprehensive health cover
Operation costs: ‚úĒ Treatment costs: Up to 3.000‚ā¨ per year


Medium Full health cover
Operation costs: ‚úĒ Treatment costs: 1.000‚ā¨ in the 1st year 2.000‚ā¨ in the 2nd year Unlimited from 3rd year


All-round carefree Full health cover
Operation costs: ‚úĒ Treatment costs: Unlimited reimbursement

Our liability tariffs at a glance



With deductible
Amount of compensation
10.000.000¬†‚ā¨ / year
Liability Plus

Liability Plus

Without deductible
Amount of compensation
10.000.000¬†‚ā¨ / year

Your advantages with Lassie


100% Digital


Personal consultation from 8-22 h


Valuable content in the app


Discount possibilities in the app


Up to 100% cost coverage


Free video veterinary consultations


All breeds welcome


Free video veterinary consultations


All ages from 8 weeks of life

Frequent questions related to Lassie pet insurance

Yes. For our surgery and health insurances, your pet must be clearly identifiable with a microchip or registration number.

Please note that if your pet is not chipped, we will not be able to process any claims submitted until a chip number is available. Chipping can be covered by the yearly preventive budget available in each of our full health insurance packages (up to ‚ā¨35 in Mini, ‚ā¨100 in Midi, and ‚ā¨140 in Maxi).

Lassie surgery and health insurance policies have a general waiting period of 30 days and a special waiting period of 18 months for specific diagnoses from the start of the insurance. However, the general waiting period does not apply to necessary treatment in the event of an accident, under the preventive care flat rate, or for telemedicine. If you have chosen tomorrow's date as your start date, your insurance will be active from midnight.

There is no waiting period for dog liability insurance.

We would like to help every pet owner learn and apply the most important things about the health and handling of dogs and cats - so that our four-legged friends are cared for in the best possible way. In this context, the Lassie points system was developed: You can collect points in our app by taking courses on preventative health care - first aid or tooth brushing, for example. Afterwards, you can test your knowledge by taking quizzes. If you answer all quiz questions about a preventive care course correctly, you receive points. You can then use these accumulated points to get a discount on your health or surgery insurance! The more you learn in the Lassie app, the more points you earn and the less you pay for Lassie insurance.

The insurance contract, and therefore the insurance coverage, ends if you are no longer the owner of the insured animal or also with the death of the insured animal. If you plan to give your dog or cat to someone else, the new owner can take out a new insurance policy for the dog or cat through Lassie. You can arrange the timing so that there is no break in coverage for your pet.

A separate insurance policy must be taken out for each pet. One of the reasons for this is that Lassie takes the specifics of each pet into account when calculating the insurance premiums, for example their breed or age.

To add a new policy for another pet, sign up through our online form or add them in the Lassie app.

Both the Lassie pet surgery insurance and the Lassie pet health insurance offer the option of covering 100% of the costs for insured services. To do so, choose a 0% deductible when selecting your plan. Please note: Lassie covers the costs of medically necessary operations up to an unlimited amount and costs for recommended medical treatments up to the benefit limit specified in the selected tariff per insurance year.

It is possible to switch between the different health insurance packages at any time, unless you’ve already made a claim. If you have made a claim, then you will need to wait until the end of the insurance period to switch to a different package. Please notify us of your wish to change in text form via our chat or via email to, and we’ll gladly modify your pet insurance.

Please note that if you switch to a different package and your pet has suffered some health issue in the last 24 months, anything related to that issue may not be covered at the new package level, and will only be covered to the level offered by the older package.

For example: your pet suffers from diabetes and this was diagnosed last year while they were covered by the Mini health insurance, and you wish to switch to Maxi health insurance. Any treatment or medication related to your pet‚Äôs diabetes will only be covered up to ‚ā¨3000/year (the coverage provided by Mini). Unrelated health issues that arise after the switch to Maxi will have unlimited coverage for medically necessary treatments & operations (as provided by Maxi). As all health insurance packages Mini, Midi, and Maxi offer unlimited coverage for medically necessary operations, there will be no change in coverage for operation costs after the change

Absolutely! Lassie is a 100% digital pet insurance provider. No more paperwork and overflowing folders: you buy your insurance online, and all your insurance documents can be quickly and easily accessed from the app. You can even submit claims and get answers to any questions you may have from one of our customer service team members, right in the app. Get your quote in just a couple of minutes with our online sign up form.

For dogs, Lassie offers dog liability insurance in addition to surgery or health insurance. Getting both health/OP and liability insurance with Lassie means you’ll have easy access to view and manage all your pet insurances in the Lassie app. You can also count on top-notch customer service if you need help or want to file a claim.

Please note: For cats, we currently only offer surgery insurance or health insurance.

At Lassie, we know from our work with veterinarians and experts that taking good care of your animal is the best insurance.

Many of the most common injuries and illnesses are completely avoidable with the right knowledge and preventive measures. Simple measures like brushing your pet's teeth, trimming their claws, checking ears, or doing basic first aid, can all help to reduce your dog or cat’s risk of illness and injury. That’s why, together with vets and other experts, we have developed the Lassie app where you can get tips and advice tailored to your pet - for example: which vaccinations should be carried out and when, which foods or objects are poisonous, or how to teach your pet certain behaviors. The more you learn about the health of your furry friend, the more points you can collect and the less you pay on your next insurance premium. Now, that's what we call a real win-win!

The insurance premiums at Lassie are calculated individually for you and your pet, and depend on many factors. For health and OP insurance this includes the breed and sex of your cat or dog, their age, and location. For dog liability insurance this includes the breed of your dog, your age, and location. You can get a quote for health insurance and/or liability insurance quickly and easily by filling out our form online or in the Lassie app.


Lassie offers five types of pet insurance products:

  1. OP-Schutz - surgery insurance for dogs & cats

  2. Full Health Insurance Mini - basic health insurance (including surgery coverage) for dogs & cats

  3. Full Health Insurance Midi - medium health insurance (including surgery coverage) for dogs & cats

  4. Full Health Insurance Maxi - premium insurance (including surgery coverage) for dogs & cats

  5. Dog Liability - liability insurance for dogs

We have more details about dog insurance and cat insurance on our website. Please feel free to take a look around, or contact our team directly via chat, email, or phone if you have any questions!

GOT is an abbreviation for ‚ÄúGeb√ľhrenordnung f√ľr Tier√§rzte‚ÄĚ and stands for the Fee Ordinance for Veterinarians. The GOT level determines the cost that veterinarians are allowed to charge for the treatment of your four-legged friend. Depending on the length and difficulty of the treatment, or in the case of emergency care, veterinarians can charge 1-4 times the fee.

So, what does this mean for you? We cover costs for insured services up to the highest GOT level, i.e. Lassie reimburses 4 times the veterinary fee in the surgery insurance and in the Mini, Midi and Maxi health insurance tariffs.

Yes, we offer a free choice of clinic for surgery insurance and all health insurance products Mini, Midi, and Maxi.

At Lassie you can choose whether you pay a deductible or not. Both the OP insurance and full health insurance can be purchased with either 20% deductible or 0%. This means that Lassie will always cover at least 80% of the costs within the benefit limit for insured events defined in the tariff. With Lassie‚Äôs dog liability insurance you can choose between a fixed deductible of 150‚ā¨ or 0‚ā¨ per insurance incident.

Note: If you choose to pay a deductible, you will have a cheaper premium ;)

All pets are welcome at Lassie! There are no breed-specific restrictions for the conclusion of a surgery, health or liability insurance for your furry friend.

Pet surgery or health insurance: In order to take out a surgery or health insurance policy, the animal to be insured must have reached at least 8 weeks of age. Lassie has no upper age limit, which means that we also insure older pets. We are convinced that every animal, regardless of age, deserves the best insurance coverage for necessary veterinary measures.

Dog liability insurance: For Lassie’s dog liability insurance, there is no minimum age of the pet to be insured. If a mother dog is insured with Lassie liability insurance, her puppies are also insured up to 12 months - provided they live with the mother.