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The Lassie app was developed together with veterinarians and experts and offers individual advice and recommendations for the proper care of dogs and cats. Prevent diseases and injuries, earn points and reduce the insurance premium for your Lassie surgery or health insurance.

All in one app

No more tedious paperwork! In the Lassie app, you'll find all the information you need about your insurance and your pet in one place. View your insurance documents, chat with Lassie customer service or file a claim.

All of this is conveniently available in the app. You can also create a profile of your pet that will be linked to your insurance policy. Get personalized tips and recommendations for your pet.

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Precautionary courses and quizzes

For Lassie, the health and well-being of your furry friend is a top priority. That's why we want to show you in our app with courses and quizzes playfully how preventable diseases in animals can be prevented as best as possible.

Our courses were developed together with veterinarians and experts.

How it works: Collect points

A course always consists of several articles around a topic, for example vaccinations, nutrition or dangers for your animal in everyday life. First read the articles of a course carefully and then answer quiz questions.

If all quiz questions are answered correctly, the course is considered completed and points are added to your profile. You can see the number of points per course in the Lassie app.

Once you have accumulated a certain number of points and reached a point level, points can be redeemed for a discount on your insurance premium. The accumulated points are valid for 1 year for insurance reasons.

Examples: Courses in the Lassie App

Through the Lassie courses in the app, you'll learn helpful skills - from first aid for your dog or cat, to tips on nutrition, to important training sessions for your pelt.

We'll show you how to prevent illnesses and injuries in the first place, or how to treat problems that have already occurred.

ūüź∂ Dog health and surgery insurance

15.000 points = 50‚ā¨ discount
3.000 points = 10‚ā¨ discount
1.500 points = 5‚ā¨ discount

ūüźĪ Cats health and surgery insurance

10.000 points = 25‚ā¨ discount
2.000 points = 5‚ā¨ discount
1.000 points = 2,50‚ā¨ discount

The discounts can only be applied to the Lassie OP or health insurance premium. As a customer of a dog liability insurance, you still have free access to the Lassie App content.

Our customers love our app

8 out of 10 customers use our app and a large part of them regularly. The app teaches you everything you need to know to give your dog a healthy life.

Refer and safe money

Gift 10‚ā¨ and receive 10‚ā¨ discount on your insurance for each pet which was insured by your friend thanks to your recommendation. Use your personal code and send it to your friends.

Everything inside, in the Lassie App


All insurance documents digitally in the app


Personal chat with our customer service Mo-Sa from 8-22 hrs.


Digital processing of damage reports


200 articles for the care of your furry nose


176 Precautionary courses and quizzes


26 videos with expert tips

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1. Download app

Download the Lassie app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

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2. Create profile

Create a profile of your furry friend in just a few steps and link it to your insurance.

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3. Use contents

Access all articles, courses, quizzes, and videos available in the app.

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Lassie App FAQs

Can I take the quizzes that are in the app on the computer?

No, you can only do our quizzes and watch videos in the app, not on the computer. However, you can read articles from the computer on our website under Download the app here: : Apple Store, Google Play Store.

What is meant by "Notifications" in the app?

When your notifications are on, we can send push notifications and reminders about important things relevant to your pet‚Äôs health, for example when it is time for vaccination. You can turn on notifications in the app by going to your profile, then dragging the button under ‚ÄúSettings‚ÄĚ to the right. When notifications are on, the symbol will be green.

The app is not working - what do I do?

That’s annoying, sorry! Typically, it's an easy fix - try quitting the app and restarting it. If that does not work, you are very welcome to contact us via email to or via the chat on our website.

Can I contact Lassie support in the app?

Of course! You can reach us the fastest via the chat in our app and on our website. There we have a response time of <1 minute! You will find the chat in the top right corner with a speech bubble as a symbol. We've also listed the most frequently asked questions in the chat, so you can take a look and see if you get an answer to your question there!

It is also possible to email us at or reach out to us by phone at +49 32 221097345, button 1. We have extra-long opening hours: Monday to Saturday, from 8am to 10pm except for holidays when opening hours may vary.

If you are an OP or health insurance customer with us and have questions about your animal's health, you can call the online veterinarian Pfotendoctor directly via our app. You can find them under "Insurance" in the app.

How can I use my points?

In order to be able to use your collected points each insurance year, you need to have surgery or health insurance for your dog or cat with us. You collect the points by doing the various quizzes in the app - so you collect points while learning something new! You can see on each course how many points a completed course gives you.

Your points pool is valid for one year, the same as your insurance year. You can use the points to get a discount on your pet insurance (see below) and also in our upcoming online shop.

15,000 Points = ‚ā¨50 Discount on dog insurance ūüź∂, ‚ā¨25 Discount on cat insurance ūüźĪ
3,000 Points = ‚ā¨10 Discount on dog insurance ūüź∂, ‚ā¨5 Discount on cat insurance ūüźĪ
1500 Points = ‚ā¨5 Discount on dog insurance ūüź∂, ‚ā¨25 Discount on cat insurance ūüźĪ

Can I make a claim or report an incident in the app?

Yes, it's easy! Enter the app under "Insurance" and report your injury. This is usually the best way to contact us. Alternatively you can email us at

Any questions regarding your claim report should be sent to the same email or by phone, +49 32 221097345, key selection 2.

We may need the dog or cat's ID or registration number in the event of a claim.

If I have multiple pets entered in the app, can I use all my points for one animal? How does it work if I have a cat and a dog?

When you get points from quizzes related to cats, those points are earmarked as ‚Äúcat points‚ÄĚ. The same applies when you get points from dog-related quizzes - those points are earmarked as ‚Äúdog points‚ÄĚ.

The points you collect for your dog are separate from the points you collect for your cat. You cannot therefore combine your cat and dog points to achieve a bigger discount on one particular animal.

Download our app, start collecting points and get your discount!

How do I add or change my pet's birthday?

You can add a birthday date for your four-legged friend using the calendar. You do this either when you add your dog or cat, or by clicking on "Change" on "Your animals" which you find under "Profile".

How do "Favorites" work in the app?

Under "Favorites" you can find saved articles or other course content that you can easily go back to and find. You save articles under "Favorites" by clicking on the flag symbol at the top right.

How can I close and delete my account?

Contact us at and we will delete your account for you. Please note that simply uninstalling the app will not delete your account and it will not cancel any insurance that you may have purchased with us.

How does the search function under "Progress" work?

You can search for different articles or videos by using the search function under "Progress" in the app. Search for what you want to learn more about, and get both courses and articles on that particular subject.

How do I create a profile of my pet in the app, or add another pet?

If you want to add a furry friend to the app, click on "Profile" at the bottom right corner. Once inside "Profile", click on "Add animal" and there you choose whether you want to add a dog or a cat. Now you can choose if you want to add the name of your animal, a picture and birthday. Keep in mind that you must add "Breed" to your animal in order to save.

Can I share the app and its content with other family members?

We wish we could say yes! Unfortunately it’s not quite ready, yet, but we’re working on getting that functionality there soon!

Can I contact a vet directly in the app?

Yes, of course! By buying full health insurance from Lassie, you get free access to advice from the online vet Pfotendoctor, directly on your mobile and computer. You do not pay a deductible when you use Pfotendoctor and your veterinary costs to Pfotendoctor do not affect your insurance amount. If you have our OP insurance, you can use this free service during the 10 days prior to, and 30 days after, an operation.

Can I buy Lassie insurance in the app?

Absolutely! You can buy health, OP and liability insurance in the app under "Insurance".

Does the app cost anything?

The app is completely free and available for anyone to use. If you are an OP or health insurance customer, you can also convert the points you get from taking our quizzes into discounts on your insurance(s).

Download our app, start collecting points and get a discount on your insurance!

Where do I download the Lassie app?

It’s great to hear that you want to download our app! You can download the app from the Apple App Store or from the Google Play Store.

Why should I download the Lassie app?

In the app you will find tips and reminders about care and health for your dog or cat. You can also easily get insurance in the app and keep track of all your insurances easily in one place. If you are a health or surgery insurance customer, you can also convert the points you get from taking our quizzes into discounts on your insurance premium.

You can easily contact us in the app and see the status of all your insurance cases, submit a claim, get offers, and collect discounts that make your insurance even cheaper.