How to tell if your dog has eye problems

An important part of the dog's eyes, just like in humans, are the pupils. The black area that you can see in the centre of the dog's eyes is called the pupil. Sometimes, especially if the dog has dark eyes, it can be difficult to see. Usually, the lighter coloured eyes the dog has, the easier it is to see the pupil of the eye.

The dog's pupil and daylight

In fact, it is quite normal for the dog's pupils to vary in size at different times of the day, but the two pupils should always be symmetrical, i.e. the same size. Pupil size varies according to the light, usually the dog's pupil is small in bright light and larger in darker light.

Difference in pupil size

If you look at your dog's eyes and see that the pupils are different sizes, this could be a sign that your dog has an eye problem. If your dog blinks one or both eyes, this is also a sign that something is wrong with your dog's eyes. If you notice that the pupils are different in size or have a dog that is blinking, you should always contact a vet to have your dog's eyes examined. If you are unsure, you can always consult a digital vet, which you as a Lassie customer have unlimited calls to.

However, remember that it is perfectly natural for the pupil to become smaller in bright light. Therefore, if you examine your dog's eyes and different light lands on the eyes, it may appear that your dog's pupils are different sizes, so always compare the pupils when the same brightness lands in both eyes.

Eye injuries in dogs should always be taken seriously, so always contact a vet urgently if you suspect your dog has suffered any eye problems.

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