Afghan Hound guide

With its regal appearance and flowing fur, the Afghan Hound stands out as one of the most elegant and captivating dog breeds. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into its history, characteristics, care tips and the unique characteristics that distinguish this special breed of dog.

History of the Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is a dog breed that belongs to Group 10, Greyhounds. The dog breed got its name from Afghanistan, where it is said to have first originated. Regarding where the Afghan Hound comes from and how long it has actually existed, there are divided opinions. Some claim that the dog has a history of at least 7,000 years, while others claim that the breed has only existed for a few hundred years. In Sweden, the Afghan Hound has existed since the 1930s when it was imported from England.

As a greyhound, the Afghan Hound is extremely fast, which made it extremely suitable for hunting, for which it was often used. This means that two dogs hunt together by running after their prey and then bringing it down. As a result of the dog breed's speed, it has also been used in dog racing.

Appearance and grooming

The Afghan Hound's most striking feature is its long, silky coat, which comes in a variety of colors. According to the standard, all colors are allowed, but it is not desirable to have white spots on the head or a white collar. In addition to its abundant fur, the curled tail is also something that characterizes the breed. The male dogs have a withers height of around 68-74 cm and the bitches 63-69 cm.

As the owner of an Afghan Hound, you must be prepared for a lot of fur care, especially during the young dog period when it sheds its puppy coat. It is also during this period that the dog sheds the most and after this time it is not a breed that sheds particularly much. To avoid tangles and to maintain a fine coat, a proper brushing once a week is required.

Temperament and personality

The Afghan Hound is known for being independent and is often described as a very special breed. Some individuals are very brave and others are more shy. Socializing your Afghan Hound early is incredibly important to get a safe and adaptable dog.

Training and exercise

It is possible to train an Afghan Hound to do almost anything, but it requires both patience and a really good reward. In short, the Afghan Hound is probably not a dog for you who want to stick to obedience.

As a greyhound, the Afghan Hound loves to run, which of course it must be allowed to do. The important thing is to let it run in a large fenced area and to be prepared for it to run away if given the opportunity. Going for long walks or taking longer bike rides are other excellent ways to exercise the Afghan Hound. In addition to exercise, the Afghan, like all other dogs, also needs to be mentally activated.


The Afghan Hound is classified as a whole as a healthy dog breed. Regular veterinary check-ups, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle can contribute to their general well-being.

In conclusion, the Afghan Hound is an elegant and special dog breed with a much-discussed history. Understanding the breed's unique characteristics, grooming needs and the importance of a nurturing environment is key to ensuring a harmonious relationship with these majestic companions.

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