Do this for safe boat trips with your dog

If you're going somewhere by boat, it goes without saying that your dog can come too. If you're going on a boat trip together, put a life jacket on your dog even if he can swim. Also, make sure your dog has the life jacket on when you get to the dock, even before boarding the boat, just to be on the safe side.

Lifejacket to your dog

When buying a lifejacket for your dog, you need to remember that the lifejacket must be adapted to the dog's weight or it will not work optimally. If you have a long-haired dog, add a few extra kilos because the dog weighs a little more when its coat gets wet. Many of the lifejackets you can buy come with handles to make it easier to hold them when they're sitting next to you on a boat.or dock, but also in case there is a situation where the dog falls overboard, it is easier to pull them up with the help of a handle. If the dog were to fall overboard they could panic and the situation could become stressful, which is why they should wear a life jacket, even if they swim well. Never tie your dog to a boat with a leash, if they get the urge to jump in or onto land there could be terrible consequences.

Dog on boat

Before getting on the boat with your dog, make sure they are rested and when disembarking activate and reward them to make them feel safe. When you get on the boat, help make sure the dog doesn't slip. Always get on and off the boat calmly and carefully so that nothing happens. Once on the boat, it's a good idea to find a quiet, safe and secure place for the dog to lie down. If you are out with your dog on a motorboat, be sure to adjust the speed and help with the dog's balance. Always keep an eye on your dog when boating!

Daytrip on boat

If you're going on a long day trip, remember that it's not a good idea for your dog to ingest salt water, as too much salt water can lead to salt poisoning. Keep an eye on how much your dog swims and always have fresh water for your dog to drink at regular intervals. Dogs, like humans, can also get burnt, this is something to bear in mind if you plan to be away for a day with the dog, sit in the shade as much as possible, especially on the boat so the dog is not exposed unnecessarily.

Alg bloms

If you are going to be out with your dog by the lake or sea, it is important to keep an eye on the algae bloom. Dogs, like humans and cats, can be poisoned by ingesting toxic algae. If your dog should become algae poisoned, you must act quickly and go to the vet immediately! Once there, the dog will receive supportive treatment.

If you want to get your dog used to water and swimming, a life jacket is a good option to help him feel safe. You can then hold the handle to help the dog float safely and calmly.

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