Cavapoo Guide

Information about the dog breed Cavapoo

Weight: Male 5 - 10 kg, female 5 - 10 kg
Height at the withers: Male 28 - 45 cm, female 28 - 45 cm
Energy level: Average
Life expectancy: 12 - 15 years
Tendency to drool: Small
Tendency to snore: Slight
Tendency to bark: Slight
Tendency to dig: Slight
Social needs: Moderate
Preferred for: Socializing
Colours: White, cream apricot, red, brown, black, silver
Health problems: Generally healthy breed but can suffer from eye problems, patellar luxation and obesity, among other things

The Cavapoo is cheerful, friendly and social. It is an active and fun companion dog. The Cavapoo is easily learned and needs exercise and mental stimulation. It loves to be with the family and rarely wants to be left alone.

Fur care of a Cavapoo

A Cavapoo can have different types of fur, either curly like a Poodle or straight and soft like a Cavalier. Cavapoos need to have their coat trimmed a couple of times a year, how often depends on how long a coat you want your dog to have and what the dog is most comfortable with!

Claw clipping

Cavapoos' claws need to be taken care of, of course! Claws are clipped as needed, but a recommendation is not to wait too long, once a month may be just right. It's better to clip a little and often than a lot and rarely. You need to get your dog used to having his claws clipped from an early age, in the claw clipping course in the Lassie app we give you our best tips on how to clip your dog's claws!

Weight Control

Cavapoos are often fond of food and can therefore easily gain weight and risk becoming overweight. Try to keep a regular check on your dog's carcass to determine if it is the right size, you can learn more about this in the Weight Control course in our app.

Eye injuries

The Cavapoo is generally a healthy breed but it can suffer from eye problems, learn more about eye injuries in our course in our app.

Oral health

Taking care of your dog's oral health is important, especially for you with a cavapoo. Regular tooth brushing is essential for good oral health. Getting your dog comfortable with brushing his teeth takes practice and patience.


Socialising your dog is important. So start practising environmental training at an early age. Let your dog experience both sounds and places that it will experience even as an adult. Learn more about socialisation and environmental training in the Lassie app.

If you have a friendly dog, as a Cavapoo should be, who often loves both other dogs and people, it is important that you practice how to greet both people and other dogs in a good way.

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