Why do dogs get hiccups and how is it treated

Hiccups are usually harmless for our dogs and puppies hiccup more often than older dogs. Although harmless, it can be good to know why your dog is hiccupping and if it is possible to stop it.

Common reasons for hiccups

  • Colds can lead to hiccups

  • Digestive or stomach problems

  • Stress and fears

  • Ingesting food or water too quickly

  • Trouble breathing

Is hiccups dangerous

Hiccups are perfectly normal and usually no more dangerous than they are for us humans. Hiccups are most common in puppies and last for a few minutes. If your puppy hiccups for a long time, it could be a sign of stomach problems or a cold. Call a digital vet if you are concerned about your puppy's hiccups.

However, if hiccups occur frequently in your dog, it may be a good idea to call a veterinarian to advise if it is time to seek help. Your dog's hiccups may be due to both respiratory problems and stomach problems, and this is something that a vet can investigate further.

Stop the hiccups

Hiccups are harmless in most cases but they can be troublesome for your dog. You can then help your dog by using a few simple tricks to try and stop the hiccups.

  • Give food and water

  • Play together to change your dog's breathing pattern

  • Let him take a bath! This may, as it does for us humans, make something else happen to make the hiccups stop.

Sometimes you hear that you should scare a dog that has the hiccups, because we often do that to each other. But remember, you can't explain why you scared your dog, so we advise against scaring your hiccuping dog.

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