Get to know your cat

Just like us humans, all cats have their own unique personality. You'll discover this as you get to know your cat. A cat is often less eager to obey its master/mate - for example, you can't train a cat to do various tricks or feats with nearly the same ease. It is said that cats are very independent, and will do things at their own pace or because they have something to gain from it.

Social cat

For example, if the cat wants to cuddle, it will come to you when it wants to, not when you want it to. Cats like to retreat after a cuddle and just be on their own without anyone interrupting. Cats crave their own personal space, but don't mind sitting on your lap while you eat breakfast, or even while you sit on the toilet.

Of course, cats can also be hugely social and want to be with you as soon as you get home - it all depends on the individual, their mood that day etc. So take the time to observe and get to know your cat! Some may find cats to be complicated - but no more so than we humans can be. 

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