Easter egg hunt for your dog!

Easter is here! One thing you can do to include your dog in the Easter celebrations is to organise an Easter egg hunt for your dog. You could call it combining utility with fun - your dog gets to practice searching and gets to use its sense of smell, while getting a good reward at the end.

Remember to hold your dog's egg hunt at a different time from the rest of the family's egg hunt, to avoid your dog accidentally finding the wrong eggs and ingesting chocolate or other treats that can be dangerous for dogs. The Easter egg hunt goes like this:

Step 1.
Fill one or more Easter eggs (sized according to your dog's needs) with a few tasty pieces of dog treats.

Step 2.
Show the eggs to the dog and let him nibble on them - then hide the eggs either indoors or outdoors (preferably in your own garden or courtyard).

Step 3.
Let your dog walk around and look for the eggs - help if needed. When your dog finds the egg see if he can get the egg up himself!

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