Get unlimited advice from an online vet

Meet a vet online and get unlimited advice today! In many cases, it is not necessary to go directly to a physical veterinary clinic for advice, and a simple phone call with a vet can clear things up. Therefore, we at Lassie have partnered with online vet Pfotendoctor to give our customers unlimited calls to vets in their digital veterinary clinic. Pfotendoctor are open 24/7, you can get a same-day appointment, and they're available wherever you are!

This service is available any time for our health insurance customers, and in the 10 days prior to and 30 days after an operation for our OP insurance customers.

How to book an appointment

  1. Open the "Insurance" page here in the Lassie app

  2. Tap on "Contact Pfotendoctor"

  3. Download the Pfotendoctor app

  4. Make your first booking and see a vet today

Why are calls to Pfotendoctor included?

At Lassie, we think it's important that your pet receives care and advice as quickly as possible, which is why this is included in all Lassie insurances. Pfotendoctor is a safe online veterinary clinic with experienced vets, available whenever and wherever you need them. After your appointment with them, the invoice will be paid by Lassie directly.

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