Teach your dog to put on their harness voluntarily

Do you have trouble getting your dog's harness or collar on? Your dog may be insecure and find it hard, or they may be so excited to get out that they can't think. It can feel a bit chaotic in the hall for some, and this exercise will help both you and your dog.

Offering behaviours voluntarily

It is beneficial to teach your dog how to put on the harness calmly, whether your dog finds it difficult or is too excited. When your dog understands that this is a moment that he can influence and also be rewarded for, the time right before you go out will feel easier and more focussed.

Dogs often learn this exercise quickly, but it can vary a little depending on whether your dog finds it hard to have something over their head. Don't stress with this exercise and break it down into several steps for your dog. It's also a great exercise to boost your dog's confidence.

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