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How the car increases in temperature on hot summer days

Every year, dogs are left alone in warm cars, this can very quickly result in a death trap for the dog. The heat in the car rises incredibly fast and is much warmer than outdoors. In the picture above you can see how much warmer it is in the car than it is outdoors.

Dog and car

In the summer, therefore, a basic rule applies when it comes to dogs and cars - the dog should never be left alone in the car without supervision. Unfortunately, it does not help to leave the car window ajar, it does not provide sufficient ventilation to lower the temperature in the car. This applies regardless of whether it is sun or shade.


But why is it so dangerous to leave the dog in the car? Well, the dog can suffer from heat stroke. This is very common and especially when the dog is trapped in cramped spaces like the car is. This is a condition that is very unpleasant for the dog but also that it can lead to damage to internal organs or even the death of the dog.

In order for a dog to cool down and ventilate its body temperature, it must puff or pant - then the blood cools down thanks to the cold air that passes through the blood vessels of the mouth. It is therefore, a warm and cramped place like your car, very dangerous for the dog as it can not cool itself down.

However, if it is not possible for the dog to cool down to regulate body temperature due to lack of shade, cold or liquid, it can create chaos. If the air is too warm, the dog's panting will not help either, but it can instead lead to the dog becoming even warmer. In the end, it can lead to heat stroke that can be life-threatening.


We therefore strongly advise against leaving your dog in the car during the summer months. Especially if you can not supervise your dog. There are aids that can keep the car cool, but only if you have an eye on the car and can see that it actually stays cool for the dog. Silver cloth is something you can hang over the car that reflects sunlight away from the car, fan can help with ventilation and a cooling pad / cooling blanket can help the dog maintain the temperature close to the body. Keep an eye on your dog and make sure your dog always stays cool if you want to test these tools. The absolute best thing for your dog is of course to either stay at home or be with you to prevent heat stroke.

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