What you should consider when submitting an invoice to Lassie

In order to process your claim as quickly as possible, we need complete information from you about the case and your animal. Therefore, please pay attention to the following points:

Full invoice

  • Name, species and breed of the treated animal

  • The invoice must contain the animal's chip number so that we can assign and process it correctly

  • Name and address of the veterinary practice or veterinary clinic

  • Name and address of the animal owner

  • The invoiced service item in accordance with the applicable scale of fees for veterinarians (GOT), stating

  • The invoice contains the diagnosis

Submit medical records

In order to understand whether it is a pre-existing condition or a chronic illness, we need the medical records. We don't need a medical file for preventive services, but it doesn't hurt to take care of it directly. This makes the first case outside of preventive care and accidents all the quicker.

The medical record is the documentation of the medical history, which is always available to your vet.

Why can there be questions in some cases?

  • The invoice is not complete

  • The diagnosis is not clearly stated

  • The medical record is not meaningful with regard to the current illness

Can queries be clarified directly with the vet?

You can release your vet from their duty of confidentiality towards us and we will clarify any queries directly with them. . Simply fill out the type: asset-hyperlink id: 2CJOBRKsYrAxPPjEyqhEaW and send it to

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