To be a pet caregiver

Breeders sometimes want the option of breeding dogs that do not live at home. When a puppy is sold with breeding rights, it is called placing the dog to a caregiver. Being a caregiver means taking care of a puppy owned by the breeder. There are a few different caregiver agreements that the breeder can use and the most common ones are drawn up by the SKK (Swedish Kennel Club).

100% caregiver

In this agreement the puppy buyer does not pay for the puppy but enters into an agreement with the breeder who then has the option of taking two litters of one bitch with at least one live puppy in each litter for a maximum of five years or until the day she turns seven. The dog is then signed over to the caregiver. In the case of a male, the number of litters is agreed, up to a maximum of six litters with at least one live puppy per litter, for a maximum of five years or until the male reaches the age of seven.

50% caregiver

Half-caregiver is exactly the same as a full-caregiver but the obligations of the breeder and the feeder are halved. Thus, the caregiver pays a reduced price for the puppy and with the right for the breeder to take a litter of puppies from the bitch. For male dogs, the breeder is entitled to three matings in normal circumstances. Then the dog is transferred to the caregiver.

What applies to you as a caregiver?

You have to follow the agreement and with it give the right to the breeder to be able to mate your dog. This means that when you are the caregiver of a bitch, you must give her away when it is time to give birth. This means a minimum of 10 weeks with the breeder per litter. The breeder also has the right to participate in shows, trials and competitions with your dog.

Who pays for insurance?

It is usually the caregiver who pays for any costs of the dog and also the insurance, but this can be different. It is important to write into the contract what applies to the payment of both insurance and other costs.

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