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Do this before you travel abroad with your cat

Traveling with your cat can be an exciting experience, but it also requires some planning and preparation. If you are in Sweden and plan to take your cat to another EU country, there are certain rules and regulations you should be aware of. In this article, we guide you through important points to consider when traveling with your cat from Sweden.

To travel with a cat in the EU

  • ID tagging and a passport:
    To travel with your cat within the EU, it needs to be ID tagged with a microchip that complies with ISO standard 11784 or 11785. You must also obtain an EU passport for your cat from a veterinarian. The passport contains the owner's and the cat's information and vaccination details. Remember, the passport is valid for the life of the cat if the rabies vaccination is kept up to date.

  • Vaccinations:
    Before traveling with your cat in the EU, it must be vaccinated against rabies. The vaccination must be carried out at least 21 days before travel and by a licensed veterinarian. Make sure your cat is up to date on its other vaccination programs as recommended by your vet.

  • Health conditions:
    To travel within the EU, your cat must be healthy and show no signs of contagious diseases. It's a good idea to book a pre-travel health check with your vet to make sure your cat is in good shape and can travel without problems. To travel with a cat to a country outside the EU

  • Treatment for parasites:
    Before traveling, your cat must be treated for internal and external parasites. This includes treatment against round and flat worms, as well as ticks and fleas. Your vet can advise you on suitable products and treatment schedules.

  • Transportation cage:
    During travel, your cat must be transported in an approved transport cage that is spacious, secure and well ventilated. The cage should be large enough for the cat to stand up, lie down and turn around comfortably. Make sure the cat feels safe and comfortable in the carrier before the trip by letting it get used to it beforehand.

  • Travel treats and water:
    Pack enough food, water and favorite toys for your cat during the trip. It's important that your cat has access to water and enough food to feel safe and content during the trip.

To travel with a cat to a non-EU country

Traveling with a cat from Sweden to other EU countries requires preparation and following specific rules and regulations. It is important to find out the specific requirements for the country you plan to travel to, as some countries may have additional requirements, especially if you are traveling outside the EU. By planning ahead and following these guidelines, you can make your trip safe and comfortable for both you and your cat.

To keep track of all these rules for entering Sweden, the Swedish Board of Agriculture has compiled a travel guide to help you find out what is required.

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