Dog liability insurance is an important aspect of pet ownership in Germany. It not only protects the owner from financial burdens but also safeguards third parties from potential damages caused by the dog. Let's take a look at where dog liability insurance is mandatory in Germany, where it is recommended, and the exceptions that apply.

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In which federal states am I required to take out dog liability insurance?

Some states have enacted their own regulations mandating such insurance. Examples of these states include Berlin, Hamburg, Lower Saxony, and Thuringia. In these regions, dog owners must provide evidence of having liability insurance for their dogs.

Why is dog liability insurance so important and what role does it play in keeping dogs in Germany?

Even though dog liability insurance is not legally mandatory everywhere, it is strongly recommended in many cases. Regardless of the legal situation, it is advisable to secure such insurance to be financially protected in the event of accidents or damages. Some landlords even require liability insurance as a condition for allowing dogs in rental properties.