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Lassie is a digital insurance for dogs and cats. Lassie's mission is to reduce preventable illnesses and injuries in pets, making it the first pet insurance that supports pet owners in their daily lives to keep their pets as healthy as possible. Our partner, Pets Deli, is also committed to ensuring that your beloved four-legged friend is well taken care of with high-quality nutrition.

Sign up for Lassie insurance now and receive a €15 voucher for your premium pet food from Pets Deli afterwards. Simply click on the button, complete the Lassie insurance sign-up, and receive an email with your Pets Deli voucher code.

Tariffs in comparison

Lassie offers three dog and cat health insurance packages: Mini, Midi, Maxi, as well as an alternative canine surgery insurance policy.

While the canine health insurance plans cover the cost of both veterinarian-recommended medical treatments and surgeries, the surgery insurance plan only covers surgery costs.

Here is an overview of all tariffs:
Unlimited coverage
Here you can see whether and up to what amount costs for surgery are covered. An operation is a surgical intervention, determined as necessary by a vet, on or in the body of the insured animal under anesthesia.
Medical treatment costs
1. Year: 1.000 € 2. Year: 2.000 € 3. Year: Unlimited
Here you can see the benefit limits up to which costs for medical treatment are covered per insurance year. Medical treatment includes veterinary treatment measures necessary due to a health impairment caused by illness or accident.
Preventative budget
100 € per year
Here you can see whether and to what extent an annual preventive budget is included in the tariff. The preventive budget can be used for defined preventive measures (e.g. for a health check, vaccinations, teeth preventation or deworming) regardless of medical necessity.
Deductible (selectable)
0% or 20%
The deductible indicates the proportion of the costs per invoice that you will bear. You can choose between a 20% or 0% deductible.
Preventive castration/ sterilization
Here you can see whether the costs for a castration/sterilization are covered/subsidized in the selected tariff, regardless of medical necessity.
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More than insurance

In addition to strong protection in the event of an insurance claim, Lassie is also there for you in everyday life. The free Lassie app, which was developed together with veterinarians and experts, helps you to prevent illnesses and injuries in your pet.
Create a profile of your furry friend in the app and receive individual recommendations for the care of your furry friend.


Learn more about your pet and save money

Lassie is the first insurance that allows you to save money by providing your pet with all the requirements for a healthy life. Complete preventive care courses in the Lassie app, then answer quiz questions and collect points in the Lassie app. You can then convert these points into a discount and reduce your insurance premium. The more you learn about your pet, the less you pay.

Your advantages with Lassie


100% Digital


Personal consultation from 8-22 h


Valuable content in the app


Discount possibilities in the app


Up to 100% cost coverage


Free video veterinary consultations


All breeds welcome


Free video veterinary consultations


All ages from 8 weeks of life

About Pets Deli

Pets Deli's mission is to bring healthy food to every bowl. Whether your furry friend is an omnivore, a gourmet enthusiast, or has allergies - Pets Deli offers tailored solutions for every taste, breed, and individual need. Each recipe is developed in close collaboration with veterinarians and completely avoids sugar, gluten, as well as unnecessary additives.