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About the cat's ears

Hearing is an important sense for cats. Their hearing is very good especially they are good at hearing high frequency sounds! Cats also use their ears to communicate with the outside world. Therefore, as you can imagine, it is very inconvenient for a cat to suffer from ear problems that can cause itching and pain!

A healthy cat's ear should not smell bad, be swollen, red or tender. If these are not true of your cat's ears, it could be a sign that your cat has problems with his ears that can cause both pain and itching. By getting into the habit of regularly checking your cat's ears, you can detect early if your cat is starting to have problems with his ears.

Ear mites are a common cause of itchy ears, especially in young cats, and are also a cause of ear infections in cats. Ear mites are a type of parasite that thrives in affected cats, living in the ear canals and in the skin outside the ear. The scabs are very small and difficult to see. However, you can recognise ear mites by the fact that the cat has a black type of secretion in its ears that may look like coffee grounds. All cats can get ear mites, but it is more common for kittens to get them.

If you have a cat that scratches its ears a lot, or if you have noticed black matter in the cat's ears and you suspect it has ear mites, you should contact your vet to get the cat the help it needs. It is important that the diagnosis is made quickly so that the correct treatment can be administered as soon as possible, both to prevent the cat from suffering from itching and to avoid the spread of infection and inflammation of the ear canal.

The vet will need to examine the cat's ears to determine whether it is an ear infection or whether it has another ear problem. As scabies animals are very small, the vet will often need to use a microscope to be absolutely sure that the cat has scabies in its ears. Once the correct diagnosis has been made, the cat can then be given the necessary treatment.

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