Cat gets stuck in tree

Many cats like to climb and can climb a tree because they find it exciting or because they are scared and want to seek shelter. If a cat has climbed a tree, it may need help to get back down. It can take a while before the cat itself dares to climb down and there may also be a risk that the cat falls and injures itself. To minimize the risk of falls and the cat injuring itself and to reduce its own anxiety, we recommend that you act quickly to get the cat down from the tree.

Entice the cat
The first thing you can do is try to lure the cat down, either by shouting the cat's name or by luring with food and water. Place the bowls under the tree and if the cat has a favorite food, it can be good to bring it out so that the cat smells and wants to come down.
You can also try to get up a bit in the tree and place a candy that the cat likes so that the cat gets the urge to come down.

If there is a risk that the cat will try to jump down from a high altitude, it can be good if you are several people working together. With the help of, for example, a sheet or tarpaulin that you stretch out between you, you can try to catch the cat if it should fall or jump down.

Climb the tree and meet the cat
Many times the cat does not climb down voluntarily and then it can be good for you to climb up a bit in the tree to see if the cat dares to go down. Remember to wear good clothes as the cat may scratch you when it jumps down and also bring a backpack or other bag that you can put the cat in when you have to climb down. Feel free to ask someone to hold the steps or be careful to set the steps securely before climbing up to avoid an accident.

Should I call the fire brigade?
You may have heard that you can call the fire brigade for help in getting cats down from trees. This was possible before, but at present the fire brigade and the rescue service do not have the opportunity to go out on these calls. There is a greater chance of getting help from climbers or arborists.
To get in touch with these people, you can turn to your local climbing club or to companies that work with tree felling. There are also several Facebook groups such as "We who help cats in trees" where you can take part in lots of tips and get help with getting cat owners connected with skilled climbers and arborists who have experience of helping cats down.

How long can a cat sit in a tree?
It does not take long before the cat begins to become weak. If the cat does not get food or water and if it has to hold on to a branch at the same time, it quickly becomes weak. Dehydration, exhaustion and cold increase the risk of the cat falling from the tree and injuring itself. It is difficult to say how long it will take before the cat becomes weak, but there is a risk of waiting too long for the cat to climb down itself or to help the cat down.

If a cat does not get food or water for one or a couple of days, there is a risk that it will become dehydrated and then also have an effect on its internal organs. If the cat has been sitting in the tree for a day or more, it is advisable to take it to the vet to check that the cat is well. A veterinarian can also help restore fluid balance.

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