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As with dogs, cats should wear life jackets when on docks or boats. Although most cats can swim, it is well known that they usually do not like water. Should the cat fall in from a boat, it can be very difficult to get hold of them and carry them out, especially if they are in the water and you are on the boat. The cat may panic and become frightened and in the worst case drown. Therefore, the lifejacket should have a handle over the back so that you can easily hold the cat or grab it and lift it up in case something happens. The lifejacket should always be adapted to the cat's weight, otherwise it will not work optimally.

Never tie up your cat with a collar and leash when you go on a boat trip. If they get the urge to jump ashore or anywhere else, they can get stuck and hang themselves, which can have devastating consequences. Instead, find a place where your cat can sit by itself in peace and quiet, where it is safe and secure. Always carry water so that your cat can drink whenever it wants.

If you are on a motorboat with your cat, adjust your speed and make sure you are always supervising your cat. Sometimes cats get motion sickness on boat trips, it's not dangerous but they can sound unhappy and stressed. Adjust your pace accordingly and take plenty of breaks during the day, even if your cat is happy on the boat.

If you're going on a ferry with your cat, it's important to check the different rules about how your cat can be on deck. Sometimes there are special areas and cabins for animals but always check personally with the company you are travelling with. If you are going abroad by ferry, check the rules for the country you are going to, as well as the rules on vaccinations and passports.

Never let your cat drink salt water, they can get salt poisoning which is fatal for cats. Some cats like to bathe, it's not very common, but it does happen. If your cat likes to bathe, it is important to keep an eye on the algae bloom in the lake and sea, never bathe if there is a risk of algae bloom, the cat can be seriously poisoned!

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