Five friendly and social cat breeds

Many people have an image of cats as independent and unreliable, despite the fact that these animals can be incredibly lovable, kind and loving. Cats' personality and social needs can differ a lot from individual to individual and even from breed to breed. Some cat breeds are generally more human-friendly, cuddly and affectionate than others - which are traits that we humans often appreciate in our little friends with whiskers. In this article, we will therefore guide you around five cat breeds that are known to be particularly friendly and social!

We list 5 friendly and social cat breeds:

  • Ragdoll: The popular Ragdoll cat breed is known to be very loving, affectionate and attention-seeking. It loves to lie on your lap and cuddle. In addition, a Ragdoll likes to follow its cat parents wherever they go and often wants to be their family members at their side. The name Ragdoll comes from the fact that this breed likes to be held and completely relaxes when you pick it up. So it behaves a bit like a "rag doll".

  • Maine Coon: The cat breed Maine Coon is both big and kind. It is friendly to everyone it meets, people and animals alike, and is therefore perfect as a family cat. If you have a Maine Coon at home, you will also notice that it often wants to be near you and snuggle, which is because it is so devoted to its family.

  • Birman: Since time immemorial, a Sacred Cat of Burma's loyalty and affection for humans has been one of its most prized traits. It is very human-friendly, can easily bond with a person and also works well as a stable companion in a family with several pets. Cuddling with family members and being the center of attention are also particular favorite activities of a Birman cat.

  • Burmese: The Burmese cat is a very friendly and affectionate cat breed known for its social temperament. It prefers not to be left alone, likes to live with other cats and mostly wants to keep up with its cat parents in everything they do. A Burmese cat tends to be completely comfortable with hugs and kisses and cuddling on your lap it often finds really cozy.

  • Cornish Rex: This cuddly and social cat breed loves to be around people and often gets along well with other cats, dogs and children too. When you interact, cuddle and play with a Cornish Rex, it is at its best. So this is a breed that is perfect for you who are looking for a really cozy and lovely cat!

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