Five healthy cat breeds

A cat breed that generally stays healthy means less suffering for the cat and fewer expensive veterinary visits for you as the owner. Cats that suffer from fewer health problems and fewer hereditary diseases also have a greater chance of living a long and happy life. We think this is incredibly important to keep in mind when you decide to get a cat and think about breeds. Read on to learn about five different cat breeds that generally stay healthier than others!

We list 5 healthy cat breeds:

  • Domestic Cat: By far the healthiest cat is the mixed-breed Domestic Cat, or Farm Cat as it is also called. This type of cat has a much larger gene pool than purebred cats and therefore also a lower risk of suffering from hereditary diseases. This means that they need to be taken to the vet significantly less often, even though Domestic Cats live outdoors more often than purebred cats and are more easily affected by external injuries.

  • European Shorthair: The Domestic cat's purebred relative, the European Shorthair, is a generally very healthy and hardy cat breed that is not particularly susceptible to disease. Some typical hereditary breed diseases are also not known in the breed.

  • Ragdoll: It has been shown that the Ragdoll is the purebred cat that most rarely visits vets in Sweden. In addition, it is the country's most common breed cat, which indicates that it is a breed that generally stays healthy, despite a predisposition to certain genetic diseases.

  • Russian Blue: Russian Blue is a breed of cat that does not suffer from the most common hereditary diseases and is generally very healthy.

  • Siberian Cat: The robust and hardy Siberian Cat is a generally healthy cat breed. Even this breed of cat has been shown to visit vets very rarely.

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