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Diseases associated with obesity in cats

It's easy to give your four-legged friend a treat every now and then, and it goes without saying that the cat should get a treat every now and then too! But be careful that it doesn't happen too often and lead to the cat becoming overweight. An overweight cat has a reduced quality of life and is at increased risk of disease.

Obesity is a common problem among cats and, as with us humans, obesity can increase the risk of several common diseases. An overweight cat is more likely to suffer from certain diseases such as diabetes, pancreatitis, bladder inflammation and joint problems which can lead to lameness. Being overweight as a cat can also be an increased risk factor in the event of anaesthesia and in the event of diseases that reduce appetite, as overweight cats that do not eat risk damage to the liver.

Keeping your cat in good shape, i.e. not skinny and not overweight, throughout its life increases the chances of keeping your cat alive longer.

So how do I keep my cat in good shape? Well, it may not always be easy! Some things you can do are to follow the portion sizes printed on food packaging, be sparing with extra treats and make sure your cat is activated and moving around. It's hard to put a cat on a diet, so we recommend that you work proactively, keeping portion sizes in mind and making sure your cat is moving around properly.

If your cat is overweight, we recommend that you contact a vet for advice on how to get your cat fit. The vet will help you decide how much weight your cat needs to lose and for how long.

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