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Eye injuries after a fight

Cats are territorial animals that prefer being alone and can be stressed by new cats in the neighborhood challenging their territory. Additionally, it is not uncommon for cats living together to engage in fights due to stress or fear, and it often takes a long time for a cat to accept a new cat in its home.

Eye injuries in cat fights

In cats, it is not unusual for them to get scratched or bitten during a fight. They have claws and sharp teeth with which they can inflict wounds on other cats, particularly on the front legs, neck, and around the head. If a cat is unlucky, its eyes can even be accidentally injured by claws. Eye injuries are often not easily detectable without specialized instruments, making it challenging for you as a cat owner to notice an eye injury.

Signs of eye injuries

If your cat blinks with one or both eyes, produces eye discharge, or repeatedly rubs its eyes with its paw, these could be signs of an eye injury. Cat claws can cause deep wounds that need to be treated by a veterinarian. If the cat is taken to the vet soon after the injury, and the wound is not too deep, there is a good chance that the eye will heal. For this reason, you should promptly see a vet if you suspect an eye injury or observe the signs listed above.

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