How to take your cat's temperature

Sometimes it may be necessary to take your cat's temperature. You can take the temperature with a fever thermometer, it is not possible to tell if the cat has a fever or not by feeling the paws or the cat's nose. A cat's normal temperature is 38 - 39°C.

Symptoms when a cat has a fever can vary, usually the cat is generally affected and it may have a cough and a sniffle.

To take your cat's temperature, you need to:

  • A rectal thermometer

  • Ointment, Vaseline

Start by trying to calm the cat, offer treats to give the cat a positive experience. Use vaseline on the thermometer to ease and reduce discomfort for the cat. Stroke the cat's back and touch the anal opening with the thermometer before bringing it in and taking the temperature. The thermometer needs to be inserted about 1-1.5 cm.

If you are concerned about how your cat is feeling, we recommend that you contact a vet. As a Lassie insurance customer, you have unlimited video calls to digital vet where you can get more advice.

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