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How to help your overweight cat lose weight

Being overweight as a cat has been shown to be a risk factor for many diseases that affect not only animal welfare but also the animal's quality of life. Cats do not know themselves when they are overweight and need help from their owners to reach and maintain their ideal weight. If you suspect that your cat is overweight, we recommend that you contact a veterinarian for advice on how to proceed.

Slimming a cat is not an easy task and requires a great deal of patience on the part of the person trying to slim a cat. Technically, it may not sound that complicated as what is needed is a reduction in energy intake and an increase in activity levels. However, when a cat is to be slimmed down, it must be done with long-term goals and it must be done in a sustainable way where the cat's diet is adjusted in consultation with a veterinarian. This is because starvation is very dangerous for cats, especially overweight cats who are at increased risk of illness and liver damage if they go too long without food. So consult a vet to set a target weight and weight loss plan for your cat!

When losing weight, it is important to monitor your cat's weight closely, the easiest way to do this is to buy a baby scale, for example, so that the scale will measure weight more accurately than a bathroom scale for humans.

When your cat is on a diet, there are various slimming foods that contain less energy than regular foods, and there are also foods specifically suited for neutered cats. If you have a very hungry cat, feeding it soft food can help. Soft food is largely made up of water, and can therefore give your cat a greater sense of satiety.

If you feel that your cat is overweight, we recommend that you contact a vet before starting the cat's weight loss.

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