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Symptoms of a cat having pain from the mouth

A cat with a sore mouth can sometimes be difficult to detect! This is partly because cats often continue to eat even though they are in pain. Because it can be difficult to detect, it's especially important to keep an eye out for common symptoms that indicate pain from the mouth!

So what are common symptoms of a cat feeling pain from the mouth? One of the most common symptoms of a cat having mouth pain is that it behaves differently when eating dry food. The cat may suddenly start dropping dry food from its mouth, it may bob its head while eating or even stop chewing the food. Soft food usually works better for a cat with oral pain to eat. Two more symptoms of mouth pain are that a cat may drool more than usual and sometimes a foul odour can be smelled from the mouth.

A cat with mouth pain usually doesn't stop eating completely, but if your cat stops eating completely it could be a symptom of other problems. However, cats have been known to stop eating simply because of pain in the mouth. If your cat stops eating, you should see a vet quickly as cats are very sensitive to starvation. This is because they can quickly become unwell if they do not eat.

Causes of mouth pain
There are several conditions that can cause pain in the mouth of cats, some examples being tooth resorption, periodontitis or gingivitis. All three are relatively common and it's important that you get help to find out what's causing pain in your cat's mouth!

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