Cocker Spaniel

Which dog breed is right for me and my life?

For a happy life with your dog, it's important to think about the characteristics of a dog that suit you and your life before you buy one. Not sure which breed of dog is right for you or your family? Here we give you an overview of the 7 most common dog breeds in Germany.

Golden retriever
The most common family dog! A typical Golden Retriever is docile, outgoing and intelligent, with an innate ability to work and a love of retrieving. It should be friendly, trusting and confident. A Golden matures relatively late, both physically and mentally. It is a social dog that likes to spend time with its family.

Labrador retriever
A Labrador should be social, cheerful and kind, as well as friendly and spontaneous when interacting with other dogs and people. It is intelligent and docile and has a strong desire to please and is an adaptable and affectionate companion. It likes to carry things. The Labrador needs plenty of exercise, but above all it needs to be activated and given meaningful tasks.

Cocker Spaniel
The breed requires a firmer hand than you might think from its sugary appearance. Its origins as a group hunting dog mean that it usually thrives in packs and gets on well with other dogs. The breed should be positive, curious and open-minded. It is playful, friendly, lively, playful and sometimes headstrong. The breed has a great need for closeness and body contact. It is also used for dog sports other than hunting, such as obedience, agility and game tracking.

Jack Russell Terrier
The breed has great courage and self-confidence in a small and cute package. It is very social and sociable. It was originally designed for pot hunting. With this in mind, it is easy to understand why a small jack russell is still so positive, independent and brave today.

The Pug is a small dog with a lot of personality and curiosity, and above all it has a great sense of humour. The breed is a comedian, happy to bask in everyone's attention. It is a cheerful and loyal companion. Gets along very well with other dogs. It is an uncomplicated dog breed.

The breed is cheerful, positive, friendly, social, humorous, lively and energetic, as well as easy to pamper and docile. It is playful and quick-witted. It quickly learns to manipulate its owner if not watched. It is more of a family dog than a one-man dog and gets on well with other animals. It should never be aggressive or suspicious. The Poodle is not a breed that can be left alone much, for that it is too dependent on people.

The Chihuahua is a dog with a strong pack and owner instinct. It will defend its pack and territory loudly against intruders, but once the danger is over it will happily climb on the intruder's lap to cuddle. It is an active dog, happy to join in all sorts of activities, from agility and long walks to Friday afternoon snuggles on the TV couch. Like all dogs, it benefits from a firm upbringing and regular exercise. The breed should not be humiliated or pampered just because it is small.

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