Bring kitten home

When the day is finally here when you will be able to bring your kitten home, there are some things that are important that you get with you from the breeder. A serious breeder often has full control over what you need to have with you, but it is important that you double-check that you have received the documents and information you need.

Bring the kitten home

First of all, you need to keep in mind that a kitten is not allowed to move away from its mother until it is older than 14 weeks. Make sure the kitten is older than this when you pick it up and do not agree to pick it up before then.

Bring with you

  • A veterinary certificate that is not older than 10 days old

  • Purchase agreement

  • Information about vaccination

  • Information on deworming

  • Information about the cat is ID-marked

If a breeder can not give you a veterinary certificate that is at most 10 days old, it is important to know that you can get a waiting period on the cat's insurance, which means that there is a waiting period before the insurance takes effect. With Lassie, a 14-day waiting period applies if a veterinary certificate is missing. A veterinary certificate that is at most 10 days old when you take out the insurance is also important for the insurance to cover if a so-called hidden error should arise.

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