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To buy a cat - Consider this

We know that it is an absolutely wonderful experience to welcome a new four-legged member into the family. But before you do, there are a lot of things you need to think about - like everything from which breed you should choose to how the cat purchase should go about. We have therefore here collected the most important information for those of you who are thinking of getting a cat.

The basics of buying a cat

Before you even decide to get a cat, you need to understand and be able to check of the following points:

  • A cat can live up to 20 years and must be able to be cared for throughout that time.

  • Since cats are social creatures that need contact and play to feel well, you need to be able to spend time with your cat.

  • You need a safe, spacious and long-term home for the cat to thrive and to reduce the risk of accidents. If you live in a densely built-up area with very busy roads, for example, an indoor cat is the best option to have. It is also important to cat-proof the home for safety's sake.

  • Cats cannot be alone for long periods and therefore you must be able to arrange cat sitting when you travel away. If you don't know anyone who has the opportunity to look after the cat and give it food, water and a little love twice a day, a cat boarding house could be an alternative.

  • You also need to be sure that you can regularly pay insurance, vaccination and any veterinary bills.

Choosing a cat breed

When you've got to the bottom of the basics, it's time to think about which breed you're looking for and which suits you and your life. Either you can choose a domestic cat - a mixed breed cat - or a purebred cat. Unlike domestic cats that lack a pedigree, purebred cats can be bred with certain characteristics in mind and can therefore often be better suited as an indoor cat, for example. But at the same time, some breed-related diseases can come with a purebred cat and not a domestic cat. The breed also affects the cost of the cat, as purebred cats usually cost more. Here you can read more about the specific breed you are interested in before your purchase to get a clearer picture!

Where you can buy a cat

But where do you actually find your new four-legged family member? If you are looking for a purebred cat, a first option is to turn to a breeder. To find cat breeders and purebred cats, you can visit the cat association SVERAK's website and advertisement page. If, on the other hand, you are more interested in a domestic cat, the easiest way to find them is through online ads, for example on digital marketplaces. There you can buy your cat from a private person instead. Adopting a cat is also an option, but it mainly applies to you who are okay with a slightly older cat. There are lots of homeless cats who are in need of a family. Then contact any cat shelter or cat organization.

During the cat purchase

Once you've found a cat that you want to buy, or adopt, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure it becomes a safe and good purchase:

  • Start by asking to come and look at the cat in the home environment.

    This allows you to check that it looks healthy and has had a good start in life.

  • Write a written purchase contract.

    If you want to buy a purebred cat with a pedigree in SVERAK, there is a ready-made contact to download on their website. But also always write one when you buy a domestic cat.

  • Ask to see a veterinary certificate.

    This implies that the cat has been vet checked and is guaranteed to be healthy. The certificate must not be older than seven days and the cat must be at least twelve weeks old at the time of purchase.

  • Check that the cat is vaccinated, ID marked and dewormed.

    This implies that you will get a vaccination certificate from the vet and that the cat has a microchip in the neck or a tattoo in the ear. All cats need to be ID marked and registered with the Swedish Agency for Agriculture.

  • Get all the necessary things before you bring the cat home.

    For example transport cage, cat food, food bowl, water bowl, litter box, cat litter, scratching board, cat toys, toothpaste and toothbrush and a small first aid kit. You'll find most of this in the Lassie store.

  • Also get cat insurance as soon as possible.

    When buying a kitten, it is to make sure that nothing serious happens before it is insured. Whereas when buying an older cat, it is to ensure that there is no gap between the insurances. Here you can read more about our cat insurances.

Good luck with your choice and the purchase of your future cat!

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