Devon Rex Guide

Information about the cat breed Devon Rex

Weight: 2.5 - 5.5 kg
Wither height: 25 - 30 cm
Energy level: Medium
Lifespan: 10 - 15 years
Social need: Great
Colours: Available in all imaginable patterns and colours, for example white, blue, black, creme, red, brown and seal grey.
Health problems: Generally healthy but can suffer from radiation rot and hypotrichosis.

Personality of a Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is a social, lively and loving cat breed. It is often very attached to its cat parents and feels best in the company of them or another animal. Lots of play and activity is appreciated and important when you have a Devon Rex as they are in great need of stimulation. A Devon Rex also loves heat unusually much and therefore thrives best indoors, where it also protects itself from harmful sunlight.

Looks and fur care of a Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is a slim, medium-sized and muscular cat with a distinctive curly or wavy coat and frizzy whiskers. The coat of a Devon Rex consists almost entirely of underwool, which means that it sheds almost nothing and also suits you with an allergy to fur animals. Brush the coat once a week to help reduce shedding and keep the coat healthy. When brushing the coat, be careful as it is very delicate. Please use a soft fur glove.

Health problems in a Devon Rex

The Devon Rex cat breed is generally healthy, but is of course prone to certain hereditary diseases. Something that can also occur in the breed is so-called radiation rot, which in turn can cause ear problems, oily deposits on the skin and itching. An additional health problem is hypotrichosis, which means that the cat becomes bald or without fur on parts of the body.

Oral health

Did you know you need to brush your cat's teeth? Brushing your cat's teeth daily is the best thing you can do to prevent your cat from getting periodontitis, learn more about it in our app. The dental disease FORL is common among cats and often occurs in connection with periodontitis. Brushing the cat's teeth can be a challenge, but with treats and a lot of patience, the cat will eventually get used to it. Learn more about how to brush your cat's teeth in our app course.


There are a lot of things that are toxic to cats that you may not have thought about before. An example of this is plants, learn more about which plants are poisonous to your cat in the Lassie app. Additional examples of what is poisonous to cats are chocolate and mouse and rat poison. It is important to store things that are dangerous to cats in a place that they cannot access.

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