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Teach your cat its name

Choosing a name for your cat is often a fun experience for everyone involved, although sometimes it can be a challenge to find a name that everyone agrees on. Once you've chosen a name for your cat, make sure you use the name as much as possible so that your cat learns it quickly.

When choosing a name for your cat, it is also important to remember to use the name only for positive purposes. It is important that the cat associates its name with something positive. Therefore, say the cat's name repeatedly when it eats or when you play together. Remember never to use the cat's name in a negative way. Never call out the cat's name if it has done something stupid. If the cat associates its name with something negative, there is a risk that it will not want to come to you the next time you call its name, this is particularly important if you have an outdoor cat that you want to be able to call in when it is outside.

When you want to teach your cat its name, remember:

  • Call the kitten by name when it is time for food or play

  • Never use the cat's name in a negative way if it has done something it is not allowed to do

  • Use only one name for your cat at first, nicknames can come later

Follow these tips and you'll soon notice how your cat or kitten comes running towards you when you call its name. When the cat comes up to you, it's a good idea to reward it with some treats, a moment of play or some extra cuddles.

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